Do you eat enough fruits, vegetables, and berries?

Do you want to protect yourself at cellular level? Do you eat enough fruits, vegetables, and berries? Do you know how important these are for optimum health? Fruits and vegetables in every shape and form contain important vitamins, minerals, and plant chemicals called phytonutrients which are recognized by our cells. In addition, they are the perfect skin food giving us glowing, natural looking skin! They also contain fiber.  A diet high in fruit and vegetables may help protect you against cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and many other illnesses.

*Approx. 40% don´t eat enough fruit
*Approx. 90% don´t eat enough vegetables.
*German  statistic

Only 10% of the population manage to fulfill the nutritional recommendation of 5-10 portions per day.

Have you heard of the 5 per day Campagne? Daily, 5-10 Portions of fresh fruit and vegetables? That´s about 600-1200grams per day. This is what our body needs in order to stay healthy and provide the necessary nutrients.

Many Health organizations around the world support this health campaign.

Who is recommending what?

WHO – World Health Organisation
Diverse Cancer Organisations Worldwide
Various Nutritional Organisations (e.g. DGE, OGE, SGE)
The German Federal Ministry

How many portions do you eat per day?

How many portions of those are fruits and vegetables?
How many portions of Berries do you eat?

If you are not able to achieve the recommended amount, are you interested in a possible solution?  If so, click on the banner below.

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