The aim of the coaching sessions

Working with a Coach will help you to develop the most critical relationship of all – the one with your true self! Weight Management Coaching does the opposite of dieting.  It goes much deeper than having rules about not eating this and that. Once you start to feel physically connected with yourself, you will begin feeling connected emotionally.

Coaching will help you to:

  • Create empowering habits and have a more, balanced and energized life.
  • Make sure that you are in the „right state“  to be able to reach your goals and maintain them.
  • Let go of old patterns and thinking processes.
  • Change the way you think and help you build a better relationship with food.
  • Honor your hunger and fullness.
  • Identify why you are eating for non-fuel reasons
  • Switch your mind and make the necessary changes.
  • Learn discipline and self-control.
  • Choose healthier food options.
  • Create optimal Fitness, wellness, and stress management regimes.
  • Realise that life can be better once you have reached your goals.