As a Lifestyle Coach  I aim to help and inspire women/Moms to achieve their health, wealth and lifestyle goals. I know what it´s like juggling kids, a job and keeping a happy, healthy household. Our health is often overlooked and placed on a back burner.

Many years ago, a good friend introduced me to the scaleyou100 success concept that has helped me to better my health and assist me financially. This opportunity means so much to me because it has enabled me to work when, where and with whom I like. I have the freedom to choose. It has also allowed me to see my son grow up.  I´ve seen him take his first steps, eat his first solids, say his first words and most of all seen him in plays/events and experienced his first day at school. I feel so blessed to have experienced those things. Working from home with this concept makes it possible to achieve all this.

The scaleyou100 success concept offers team support and has a welcoming community of women from all walks of life and all ages. They have an online university to help you get started as well as helping to step by step on your road to success.  For further information about the scaleyou100 success concept, please click HERE or send me an email: info@jo-mac.de

Please mention my name if you would like to access the scaleyou100 Facebook Group or when asking for information directly from the scaleyou100 website!

Yours in health!